Low carb benefit

The old way to reduce a burdened immune system

Eating too many carbs can also come at a cost not only to our immune system, but also to our liver. 80% of carbohydrates we eat get turned into fat by the liver, which, when we have consumed too much, can show up as tiredness after meals and trouble staying asleep. The liver also aids in killer T cell development if the thymus is overloaded. If our liver is being overworked by turning excess carbs into fat we are distracting it from a more useful job in fighting infections. Effectively working against or immune response readiness.

Using all of this new information we can see the importance in having a balanced diet. Carbo-loading can cause many adverse effects from energy issues and to overworking and distracting the liver, all causing adverse effects on our health. The best thing to do for our immune system is to make sure that our bodies are working efficiently and our key organs are doing their jobs effectively. If we stop solely relying on carbohydrates for energy and instead supplement our meals with proteins and fatty acids we can have sustained energy for longer, and without provoking viral infection vulnerability, or triggering the bodily response to too many carbs.