Raw and rare

Stress Begets MORE Stress

To cure anything, the causal stress must first be removed. So in order to have our immune system in tip-top shape it better not be distracted or overworked. While we may not know it, when we eat foods that have been subjected to very high temperatures, in particular, processed foods, our body treats this like an intruder. As a response our immune system will send tons of white blood cells to attack these overcooked foods and clean them out. Food becomes a perceived enemy of the immune system and as a result our immune system becomes focused on attacking our food choices and not being prepared for any real virus. So we can help our bodies be prepared by not sounding the alarm and diverting immune resources every time we eat.

Foods that have not been subjected to high temperatures, like raw and partially cooked foods, do not trigger this immune overreaction. And even when paired with raw foods, cooked whole foods will not trigger the inflammatory immune response either! So, how do we capitalize on this physiological knowledge? Eat partially raw. Rare steak as a main meal,raw salad or crisp fruit on the side, and shelled raw nuts make a great snack between meals. It is all about finding that happy medium. A partially raw diet will keep our body in check and make sure all of our real food is digested with ease, instead of alarms. This also keeps our immune system focused on fighting real intruders and not trying to take out the trash.