To digest well is to feel well

Why ZYPAN from Standard Process is the Best

Ingrained in our system are our deep rooted survival instincts and defaults. Part of our caveman coding is defaulting to the fight and flight system when we are stressed. But in our current society, we are constantly under stress just by virtue of operating in our fast paced world. When the go, go system is triggered the body diverts blood to our muscles and stops digestion in order to conserve the food we do have. While it worked well for our ancestors who were fleeing from danger and may not have access to a meal in quite a few days, it is less helpful now when we are just trying to get our nutrients from our breakfast on our way to work. So, in these times of stress and an occasional stress eating we can help our system by adding some digestive support. Zypan from Standard Process is a whole food digestive aid that supports the breakdown of all foods. By increasing the acid in our stomach and adding enzyme content for the intestines the food we eat gets digested even when our fight or flight system is activated. By facilitating our digestion our most common upset stomach symptoms are alleviated, such as: bloating, stomach pain, heartburn, or just the side effects of too full a stomach. Zypan does the work for us, even when our biology puts digestion on pause with the demands of life.

Now, Tums are a typical answer to an upset stomach and aiding digestion, but they cost us more in the long run. The potency of the acid in the stomach ranges from 1-2 pH, a very acidic pH so it can break down all that we eat. However, Tums raise the digestive pH closer to 7, a neutral level that is not acidic enough to break down our food. So symptoms like heartburn or stomach pains may be lessened but this “solution” halts digestion, the exact problem we take digestive aids to try to fix. So a good rule of thumb, antacids may be a common heartburn bandaid, but digestive enzymes like Zypan fix the problem, not reinforce it.

Zypan increases our digestive effectiveness by increasing the acidic environment of the stomach, assisting digestion when we are in our stressed flight, fight mode or just in need of an extra digestive boost. And better digestion also means getting more of the nutrients we take in into our bodies, as well as relief from common upset stomach symptoms. Antacids, like Tums, only reinforces the problem of poor digestion by stopping digestion halfway and diminishing the acidic breakdown. Remember, Zypan works with the body and helps the systems finish their job so we all can do the same, and rest easier at night.