Mineral Balance

Life can Taste Good with Abundant Hormone Health and Better Sleep

Sodium chloride is the most important inorganic molecule in our bodies. Potassium is the intracellular powerhouse, it is the only radioactive element that is essential for life. Another essential factor that needs considering is a salt called carbamide. This particular salt decreases electrical conductivity (aids sleep) and aids detox pathways that have been diminished by opiate drug use. Salts are essential for life. When they are balanced, our physical mechanism, our neurology, and toxic elimination do better.
These three mineral salts aid our electricity. Sodium via the ocean. Potassium from the land and raw leafy greens. Carbamide salt aids urea metabolism and decreases the hyper electricity of a runaway brain. Carbamide salt comes from food grown in the tidal flats - arrowroot.
Not enough sodium: Depression, lethargy, loss of the flavor of life. Too much salt: Swelling of extremities- water retention and that really means low potassium and low urea.
Not enough potassium: Body pain, elevated heart rate being unable to calm it down.
Not enough Carbamide: Night terror dreams, wired, can't sleep, repetitive dreams. Toxemia. Elevated erythrocyte sedimentation rate (inflamed and thick blood)

Keep sodium levels balanced by enjoying sea salt. Natural salt is something our body needs for electrical balance and do work that is necessary for life. Salt is made up of two main parts Sodium (Na) and Chlorine (Cl) hence NaCl. The sodium helps with our electric potential and the chlorine is necessary for our stomach acid production. Salt also buffers stress and avoids adrenal burnout during times of heat stress and acute trauma. In the high planes of peru the natives carried a container of salt water and citrus juice mix that they sipped on while in hot sun- this simple remedy prevented heat exhaustion. Salt is essential to replenish when we sweat.

Now, what is important to address is that it is important to ingest salt, it has many health benefits and keeps us working well, but incomplete marketing has taught us that salt is the enemy. But these claims are not accurate in how they are presented. There are two types of salt, chemical refined salt and natural salt made by nature. Chemical salt is cheap and commonly stuffed into all sorts of processed food. So yes we should stay away from chemical salt because it does not have the same health benefits of natural salt and because this salt is commonly added into processed food. This“salt problem” comes from overdoing the processed food and its chemical salt..

However, natural salt, from the sea, not a lab, is usually the salt we put into our food ourselves, its salt made by nature instead if made in a lab. When it comes to natural salt it's hard to over do it because natural salt has more minerals than chemical salt. More minerals means better able to adapt to stress. So, when concerning salt, re-adjust how you think of it. Yes, limit the amount of chemical salt found in processed food, but do not cut out the natural salt our body needs for survival. Also chlorine from sea salt is half of stomach acid HCl. So salt consumption helps our digestion. Of course it names good taste good!

Potassium: Increase for adrenal hormone health and pain management. Raw leafy greens (lettuce, celery juice, potato juice). This mineral is the only radioactive element we need to survive. In potassium deficiency there is an almost complete lack of adrenal inhibition which means our heart alters its rhythm too fast and can not slow itself down. High carbohydrate diets often deplete potassium levels in the cell. Anyone who eats a high carb meal and wakes up with a racing heart is often suffering from a potassium deficiency. So in summary, be sure to get plenty of raw vegetable juices, like celery juice, at least a cup daily. Or make sure to eat the equivalent in fresh leafy greens.

Carbamide: Can be found in the tidal flat areas, the best source around is arrowroot powder. Or enjoy AC Carbamide by Standard Process. We need more of urea as we age! Carbamide salt works in our body to prevent blood clots and avoid general toxemia that can result as we age due to lack of sex steroids. Life happens, tissue breakdown occurs, Carbamide and urea metabolism help us clean up the breakdown factors that often get backed up. Also opiate drugs halt the body recycling of urea metabolism and thus kidney inhibition occurs exogenous Carbamide salt is a literal currency for detox! Has anyone ever heard of an opiate induced insomnia? Yup. Carbamide salt is essential to life. Let’s use it. In the store you can find it as arrowroot powder.

Mineral metabolism is a balancing act, to avoid anything particular piece of the puzzle is not the answer. If sodium is too low, life loses its flavor, if potassium is too low, pain and elevated heart rate occur, if urea is too low toxemia and sleepless nights result. So recognize the signs before they get more severe and mineral up to start feeling better. Adrenal hormone health and pain avoidance would be great right? Flavorful life. Yes please. Two thirds of our nutritional needs are mineral based. These mentioned are not everything but now you are aware of and they are simple to apply.