Warriors vs Worriers

The immune response and psychoneuroimmunology

Hoarding supplies is not necessary, and over-saturating our homes with Lysol is just another thing for our liver to process. If we let the worry and over exaggeration take a deep hold within us it becomes over worrying, to a point of not being productive. Cortisol is a stress hormone that is meant to constrict our blood vessels causing increased blood pressure in times of stress or worry, getting us ready for the flight or fight response. However, when someone is stressed and/or worry ridden for extended periods of time our bodies are trapped in this cortisol cycle. Our blood pressure will be elevated for too long, blood will be rerouted to our muscles to prepare our body for the flight vs fight response, leaving less blood flow to make its way to our immune organs. Cortisol is the gas pedal and excessive worry keeps it floored. Our bodies will not be able to recuperate and relax and our immune system organs will be without the blood they need to work.

By focusing on being warriors and working through this, we can stop reacting in fear and worry and running on damaging cortisol. Instead we can give our bodies a break, by still being smart though all of this, and finding healthy ways to stop dwelling on the stress we can’t control. The best thing to do is to use this time to continue being productive, and staying in a positive mindset. A neighbor of mine came up with an idea to make sure that each day is still manageable and productive. Everyday she tries to do something productive, intellectual, and creative. This is her way of taking her time back into her control and taking on each day as one productive and manageable day at a time, evading the whole worry aspect that we may resort to. Let’s remember, life is here, we are not powerless and we are perfectly capable of doing all we can. We don’t need to worry, and if you ever feel caught up in everything happening in the world, you can control the time you have by focusing on being productive, intellectual, creative, or all three. We will all get through this and the break from the worry will have our immune system thanking us. Stay healthy, and until next time, cheers team.